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The techniques of Krav Maga are based on transference of energy and explosive action. The strikes are powerful and designed for maximum effect to specific target areas. Students are trained to be fully aware of theirsurroundings and the potential for violence. As with most martial styles, the beginning student practices blocks, punches, kicks and specific strikes, along with defensive moves for grabs and attacks. As the learning progresses, the student moves to more sophisticated techniques against longer-range situations and multiple directions. Some holds are taught so to subdue an opponent.
Face-to-face combat begins with this level, toaccustom the student tothe “feel” of an attack.Further training teaches additional holds, as well as releases from the holds. Specific defenses, immobilization techniques, and throws are also added to the curriculum. As the student gains skill, weapons training begins using knife, staff, club and nunchaku. As the black belt level is reached, training with rifles having fixed bayonets is taught, based on the military roots of the system.
The lethal nature of the Krav Maga system simulates real life situations. It teaches people how to save lives and to cope with common street violence. To be effective in the streets, Krav Maga cannot include rules and limitations. Therefore, there are no sport competitions for Krav Maga because it is designed to remain a realistic fighting system.
Students are instructed in state-of-the-art defensive principles that apply to a variety of threatening attacks that occur during commonly documented street crimes. Students train from a position of disadvantage in real time and real speed.

Defensive maneuvers are combined with simultaneous counterattacks until all potential danger is eliminated. Unique training methods are employed to simulate violent street encounters. This is necessary to place students under extreme stress while performing Krav Maga techniques. Students learn to go from a passive to an aggressive state quickly. Krav Maga also teaches students to function with their attention divided; while fatigued; and when they are faced with a  multitude of  spontaneous attack scenarios.
Krav Maga Techniques for Self-Defense consists following levels:

  • Defense against punches and kicks
  • Releases from bear hugs and chokes
  • Defense against knifes and clubs, guns etc.
  • Defense against multiple attackers
  • Various types of arm blows and kicks
  • Sparring under pressure and controlled fighting

For the Military and Law Enforcement Professional training also

  • Versatile use of a weapons, including explosives
  • Taking control of individuals without maiming
  • Dealing with terrorist/hostage situations

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